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that sounds great legodude, I think i have the same explosion in my veins because I'm going to get just as busy. also grats on winning! what are your plans to do next? if ya don't mind me asking lol

That's awesome to hear, I'll be sure to check your stuff out then. As for me though, I have no idea, dude lol. I always say I'm gonna do a billion projects and end up doing absolutely none of them, but if my lazy ass actually gets something done this month, I'm thinking of maybe doing a 3-part clay comic and a possible piece for Madness Day. Be sure to follow me if you want to stay tuned!



I'm in the exact same position, minus the huge critical success of course. congrats by the way. something about wasting so much of my life here recently is giving me a lot of inspiration and ideas I have no time to accomplish. do you use/ have you ever tried plasticine? play doh is to plasticine as crayons are to oil paints. it never dries. use it forever.

Thanks for the kind words, dude! I actually do use plasticine, as a matter of fact, some Van-Aken clay is pretty good to use, preferably Claytoon. Also fuck Playdoh lol, I have so many memories from my childhood of coming home all excited with a new can of Playdoh, I would accidentally leave it open overnight, and then wake up all excited to use it the next day, only to realize that it's as hard as a rock, causing me to cry like a little bitch and shit all over the house (okay maybe I've said too much, my deepest apologies lol.) Anyway, point is I use Claytoon, lets just leave it at that. Anyway, I'm not sure what kind of position in life you're in right now, but there's always time to let your creative side go wild and take over, it all just depends on how you manage your time and how much effort you're willing to put in. Everything is solely up to you, dude. Be sure to follow me if you want to stay tuned as well!

have you been scouted automatically because of the winning or do you still need to be? ive seen a lot of reviews that say be sure to check out my stuff too. seems like you may be fishing

I got lucky enough to get frontpaged on Clock Day for "All Hail The King", a user by the name of "Theonewithoutaname" scouted me, and then all the reviews I've done from there on out have just been honest critiques of people's work with a little harmless advertising thrown in on the side as well. We artists have to get our stuff out there somehow lol.

I think it's really great you're charging ahead and kickin' ass! I think the clay stuff is a nice break from the other work on this site, it's a nice change. Congrats on everything, though I wouldn't give too much attention on deviantart. I've been on it 8 years it's not too great unless you do anime/furries. :B

Thanks for the comment dude! I've always loved the clay medium, I remember growing up watching those old Klay World shorts here on NG and those Henry Selick films which really inspired me. I loved it so much, that I kind of wanted to revitalize it since it's being so underused nowadays and to my surprise, was met with praise. Couldn't have done it without you scouting me tho :3. Also yes Deviantart is a total weeaboo fuckfest now lol. Any other places you'd suggest for me to post my art on perhaps?

Sweet! I'd be pissed if you started making stuff that you knew all of us wouldn't love instead, so you keep going with your current plan. That 3 part comic sounds awesome, so best of luck with having a productive September!

Okay, I'll be sure to just purposely start making shit now, just for you lol. Just kidding, all my failed attempts at humor aside however, thanks for the support, it really does mean a lot to me knowing I have people out there waiting around to see with what I come up with next. So yeah I'll be making a 3-part comic, I'm almost done with the first part and it should be done soon so be sure to follow me if you want to stay tuned!

you deserve this!
you're not just another guy painting boobs and some general stuff.Your work is diferent and you're going to improve yourself a lot more with this inspirational explosion ^^

Why thank you! I really do hope in this next piece I make (the 3 part comic) that people will tell me that I have improved over my last pieces, I really am working hard to get this done by soon, so be sure to follow me to stay tuned!