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I hope I'm not one of those NG friends you've lost. It sucks, I know... While it's good to see you back, I commiserate.

thanks for the honest words, ann. if anything, I'm the shitty friend for not talking for months on end lol. i just needed some time to organize my thoughts is all. will talk soon hopefully. once again, thanks!

The glass is always refillable man, its to see you back! :)

I mean regardless, it's still just a glass of water lol. It's a dumb analogy now that I think about it, but you get the gist. Thanks for the support man, appreciate it!

Keep your head up man. Your experience sounds awfully similiar to something Ive been going through recently as well. Ive been able to pull myself out of it slowly but surely and it sounds like youre on the right track too <3

Glad to see I'm not alone on this. I hope you found some encouragement through my words as I did with yours. Although I gotta admit, I really do hate my brain sometimes. I should go to the store and get my brain replaced. Pretty sure the warrant hasn't expired on it yet. Wanna trade? lol.

It is strange that we feel alone in a world populated by millions of people. Or not?

Don't worry Man. I know how you feel... I don't have much friends in my Current location (Have only 3 friends i can relate to....Thats all) I am lonely pretty much all the time...All i really do now and then is think about music and pixel art...Its what i think of all the time...

Sorry about whats happening... There are a lot of people like you so You are not alone!

It's funny you said that cause I caught myself saying I felt broken a lot.

Things are good now. I did some relaxing, got my head right. I'm so grateful. Bliss is one of our fundamental virtues so it's there, we just got to reach for it sometimes.

Nice and thoughtful work! Keep it up!

I just found your page and I really like this post because I too relate. It also made me feel things and I like to feel things.