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Suffering from Artist's Block, Over 100 Fans and Commissions(?)

Posted by ManuelTacoface - September 14th, 2015

So I have made some progress on the 3-part comic I said I would develop sometime soon, but due to time contrainsts and the massive creative burnout I'm going through rn, I'm starting to second doubt myself about how soon I'm going to be able to release it. I have a story more or less planned out already, not entirely, but for my lazy ass, I'm suprised I've even made it this far lol. For those of you who are curious to know what it's about, the main theme of the comic is about overcoming fear in the face of the impossible, all told through the eyes of a washed-up robot who lives in a junkyard. Also, thank you guys so much for getting me to over 100 fans, it really does mean a lot to me. Anyway now that I'm staring to get something going here, I wanted to ask you guys if you'd be interested in me starting to do clay commissons? Please let me know in the comments below, I'd love to hear your input! Once again, thanks for the 110 of you for putting up with my shit and adios.

TLDR; I've progressed on the comic I said I would make, but it's going to have to be delayed. Thank you guys for getting me to over 100 fans and would you guys like for me to start doing clay commisions? Let me know in the comments below, adios!

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I'm impressed with your efforts thus far too. The story sounds like it has potential, and people here at Newgrounds are used to things waiting to be released--It's not unusual to wait a year and a half for a sequel to an animation. So don't worry about the time, because this stuff isn't about deadlines.

I'd enjoy seeing commissions, and once I'm not poor I'd like to request them :P Take care!

Thanks for the support dude! I actually just posted up some promo art for the comic that more or less explains the general concept of the story if you're interested: http://www.newgrounds.com/art/view/legodude2000/fearful-promo-art. Also I'll be sure to get it out as soon as I can, I promise you that, but I don't want rush it either you know? Like I have all the clay models built already, it's just going to be harder to make, since unlike my other pieces, there's going to be more intricate landscapes in this comic that would be impossible to make using clay and will have to be completely digitally manipulated in Photoshop. It'll be a tricky project, but if I do it right, it will be the best thing I've done up to date, so stay tuned!

Hey how you doin

Pretty good man, wbu? lol

Keep up the good work lego man :P Quality over quanity and I cant wait for the 3 part comic

Thanks for the support dude! Yeah I just want to be respected as an artist you know and not be pumping crap out every 5 seconds and instead take my time with things to make something that's actually worthwhile.

Ill take care of you legodude2000.

That sounded slightly creepy, but ok. Thanks for the gesture though lol.

oh yes so you don't wanna get blocked did ya?