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So what do you guys think of the NG background?

Posted by ManuelTacoface - October 15th, 2015

If you guys didn't already know, I designed the background art for October. This is what I had intended it to look like, but due to the original image not matching the site's dimensions, it had to be cropped. However, I still think it came out good, considering the time window I had to work on it. HUGE shoutout to @TomFulp for letting me work on this thing. So what do you guys think of it?

EDIT: Also be sure to follow me if you want to keep seeing more of my work. I'm planning on making a Inktober piece, so stay tuned!


Comments (15)

nice work yo, i'm very curious to how you get to make wall art though, do you ask tom or does he ask you ?

Thanks for the positive feedback bro, I appreciate it. Also to answer your question, I PM'd him first, saying how I wanted to design the BG for Halloween and he actually said yes lol!

Showing off your NG pride eh? Awesome job! Almost everything from newgrounds. Well this is an awesome drawing for the place where it's "Everything by Everyone"!

Killer sweet dude, perfect example of a good background! At least it didn't get cropped too much, almost all of it's visible after you zoom out ;)

Thanks man, and thank god it wasn't cropped out too much, I was worried there for a second. Like when I had originally approved Tom's cropping of my original art, it was a gamble since I was viewing it from an IPhone with a shitty wifi signal at the time lol. It looked blurry and being a Libra, was shitting my pants over the thought of people hating it and ending my short-lived art hobby, but luckily for me, I was overthinking things.

10/10 would background again!
Nice job dude I like it!

Lol, thanks man, glad you enjoyed it! Also be sure to follow me as well!

Nice work dude, you put in a ton of detail and the effort shows

tight dude! rible drible stacks!

I don't understand what half of those things mean, but I'll take it as a compliment. Thanks dude lol. Also be sure to follow me as well!

I thought that this looked familiar!
Nice work~

Thanks for recognizing my art man! It's awesome to see that my stuff is finally getting out there to people. Also be sure to follow me as well!

Whoops almost forgot man! followed!

Awesome, glad to have you on board dude!

So detailed and complicated, but I like it!

Yeah I always tend to go way over my head with my pieces and simple sketches turn into weeks worth of work, but comments like these make it all worth it in the end. Thanks for the feedback dude, really do appreciate it!

So, this gonna be on your art section? Would love to use it as a background for my computer man, it is kickass lol.

Maybe sometime in the future I might post it up in the Art Portal, but right now, I'm kinda busy with my school work and it would take a bunch of work fitting this background that's been scaled to fit the website to fit the dimensions of a desktop so yeah idk we'll see. Anyway, thanks for the kind words brah, appreciate it!

You draw like a toddler.

I guess my art could use some work, now that you mention it. I am still new to this sort of thing and I have a lot to learn, so be sure to stay tuned for future works from me!

Wow, I had no idea you designed that background! I know, this news post is old, but that's still very impressive. :D

Thanks for the support dude, I appreciate it. Also be sure to check out my latest art piece "Pixel Town" as well!: http://www.newgrounds.com/art/view/manueltacoface/pixel-town

I'm like really late to this lol, but I did enjoy this background at the time. it had a very over the top kinda feeling to it, and its really awesome <3. Actually was wondering if you had another site or anything where you post you're stuff at cause i really like what you do.

Wow, gee thanks dude, your words mean so much to me, they really do :3

Well anyway, if you want to check out some of the stuff I've that haven't made the Art Portal, I suggest you check out my Instagram where I put up WIP's, sketches and such:


Once again thanks!

BTW don't forget to check out my latest art piece "Pixel Town" as well!: http://www.newgrounds.com/art/view/manueltacoface/pixel-town

ManuelTacoface is by far the most perfect username for a site like Newgrounds :) It'd probably look swell on a resume! Artists who take themselves too seriously are no fun at all

I saw this and wondered who did it. that poor tank-man looks so scared. good work.